Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Interview fever pulaks

Assalamulaikum, you guys!!

what you're up to today? hopefully, everything's gonna fine! yeah! as you can read my title post, that's what I'm feeling now..horror!! eh?

I just drop by here for letting you all know, this saturday I'll have an interview at UITM Shah Alam for my further study in Bachelor of Architecture Course.. yeah, I know..Bachelor tuuuu..

I just hope I can do my best, and please pray for me..fuh!! 
wish me luck!


Rosmiza Ali said...

Goodluck dear! ^^,

Cik Mun said...

goodluck k dear..

S.K.A said...

makin susah 2..nak2 course architecture..kuatkan hati, smoga berjaya dan dipermudahkanNYA

cik didiey said...

good luck dear :)
adik akak ni mesti boleh punyalah..neves tu perkara biasa.kalau xneves nnt or ckp xnormal plak kan...hehehe..just do ur best ok :) believe in urself!

nea lopah said...

gud luck...akak doakan yg terbaik!

syahirah said...

Allah tau apa yg kita xtau. ada hikmah tu. follow sni #970