Sunday, March 31, 2013

My intention VS Dunya tests


Ola! amigos...

I'm thinking of having my own dairy blog.. which means I can easily and simply write everything I like without any distraction from others.. But I don't want to make a new URL..I want to use this one.. ! urmmm..

but, I got quite a lot of arguements about my thought..

Baik tak yah buat blog kalau tak nak bagi orang baca!

Tak payahlah nak feeling2 sorang!

Jangan nak perasan baguih! blog hang pown takde orang nak baca!

 pang!! hambek penampaq satu! duh!

okey, orait.. I'm nobody and I admit that.. so what!!!

cis berani dikau mengecik-besarkan diri chek! hahaha.. whatever *gaya GossipGirl*

so, If my plan is working.. I consider to change my templete too..which more look like a dairy.. yeah!! I will stop from joining any segment, GA and whatsoever programes is available..Its kinda look I'm quite selfish, but neah You know me, right?

I always support all my blogger friends, be your silent reader, drop some piece of thoughts at your comment (maybe not frequent).. I did and will always do..insyaAllah..

Why I plan to convert my blog identity/templete?

I have been planning for a quite long time.. as I've ever said I didn't like a publicity.. but somehow I realize my dear self ,bit by bit, try to find it..

maybe its quite difficult to understand..oh, me too!

It simply means I found myself tried to be someone else; far away from the real intention I made this blog.. I afraid that I would be overwhelmed by these dunya things.. I'm really scared if my deed is just for nothing..

so, in the time I still can reflect myself.. I want to mend everthings which are going wrong..insyaAllah!

So, I don't ask you to do anything for me, but do understand my circumstance.. I'm honoured to be a muslim! and  I want to be better by time to time...

I know who am really I? I did a lot of mistakes.. and that's why I want to mend it..

so, I do hope YOU can comprehend me..and do help myself to be a much better muslim (or we can help each other, maybe?)

which people called Ukhwah's not to possess but to share to each other! so, this's the time to practise..

until then, XOXO!

The winners of Segmen UPkan Follower by Arkitek Hati will be announced by tomorrow, so please stay tune! 

Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Request to Allah

Get me a connection, ya Allah..
Though, i want it to be virtual..
And let me tell it to you, ya Allah..
For you are the All Knower, the bearer of witnesses..
Of how i feel, how far i yearn, or how much i truely miss my future better half!

Yet it may seem to be a superfluous languish to many..

As long as i'm sure of the fact, "You are the Concealer, the Protector"!
And always would i be sure of it, thus commencing with my ready to flow heart..

Tell him my Lord, that my whispers mean a lot;
Words just frail to topple into the intimacy..
Show him your straight path, that which i would want for my very own self..

Cover him up Ya Allah, with my warm caress and tenderness..
Only affordable through your everlasting Grace upon him..

I ask of you Allah; Send him my greetings, send him my love..
Send him Peace on my regards..

Reassure him of my undertakings, oh Almighty!
Let him see how much i entreat you, to make me perfectly special for him..
Of how pleasurable it occurs to me, in transforming myself as a loving wife to be..

Lest would i displease him in any way; Passionately comforting him in every way!
Giving him earnest support with my body, mind & soul..

As of letting him know of these Ya Rab, soothe his soul with my innate presence..
For eyes could percieve, but little; While hearts can still twin up from miles apart..

Make him righteous amongst his folk, Ya Allah;
Shower him with your bounty of Mercy..

Let him be at his best in simulating the loving Prophet (pbuh),
When certainly, striving to be the best towards his Wife!

What more will his lady love need?
When he upholds his deen, without sparing the examplary..?

Thus, i submit to you My Master, this brief petition with atmost care,
With love for my man, only thriving more, as time races into a life that we would share,
Setting together intentions, so pure & a relation that can never endure!

Do not ever stop from hoping when we still have space to hope!

Friday, March 29, 2013


She taught me two things,
‘Ignorance and Beautiful.'

One day, she told me,

'Let me tell you,
The meaning of Beautiful.
God is beautiful,
Nature is beautiful,
Life is beautiful,
Love is beautiful,
Care is beautiful,
Share is beautiful,
Understanding is beautiful,
Trust is beautiful,
Faith is beautiful,
Passion is beautiful,
Compassion is beautiful,
Air is beautiful,
Water is beautiful,
Earth is beautiful,
Fire is beautiful,
Energy is beautiful,
Here is beautiful,
There is beautiful,
Everywhere is beautiful,
Everyone is beautiful,
Everything is beautiful.'

I had to intervene,
'Looks the universe is beautiful,
But what is most beautiful? '
The reply comes full and straight,
'Ignorance is awesomely beautiful.'

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunnah Kebaikan dan Kejahatan


here, I got something to share.. May its help us to improve ourselves..insyaAllah..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013



I met dinosor..And they were kindly gentle..auuuuww!

tak caya.. watch this out.. They didn't eat me either..hihi 

Sunday, March 17, 2013



I currently deactivate my Facebook acc, my page and maybe My blog?..urm, maybe not.. I'm launching my segment now..

so, whoever wants to join my segment you're allowed.. I just want to take one or two weeks break..maybe more than that..huh..

hope to see you again.. inshaAllah..

bye, lots of love, XOXO!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Things NOT TO DO in Masjid!!

Jangan Lakukan Perkara Ini Di Masjid!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kesatuan Blogger Malaysia


Assalamualaikum semua..

Aini baru tubuhkan satu Community di Google Plus yang diberi nama Kesatuan Blogger Malaysia.

Komuniti ini ditubuhkan untuk menjalin hubungan yang akrab sesama blogger Malaysia. Komuniti ini juga dapat membantu para blogger diluar sana untuk berkongsi maklumat dan entri terbaru dari blog mereka kepada para bloggger yang lain.

Hanya TIGA peraturan yang ditetapkan sahaja
  1. Dilarang membuat sebarang provokasi.
  2. Dilarang meletak link yang ada unsur SPAM (untuk kepentingan sendiri).
  3. Dilarang mementingkan diri sendiri.
Peraturan ini bukanlah untuk menyekat hak anda sebagai pengguna (blogger) Tetapi adalah untuk mangawal dan mengekalkan keharmonian sesama blogger.

Sekian terima kasih. Harap kalian sudi untuk bersama kami.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Harsh words, spoken..


U're hypocrite!! u're hypocrite!! tak nak kawan dengan you! bad loser!!

don't be offended with this statement..

since I've been blogging seriously.. I met a lot of people out there who are sometime quite hypocrite (to me? / to you?).. and sometime,I feel I was one of them..I mean, I'm hypocrite too..

oh!! don't you realize it? all people out there are hypocrite! fake people! fake world!!

but, wait!! Did Rasulullah has taught us to be husnuzhon? yeah, husnuzhon!

B E R S A N G K A  B A I K.

and that the only thing is needed to be done when we sometime have that feelings.. urgh! astagfirullah..

can I share something? (ouh, absolutely! this' my blog)

I'm the one who are not easily share my problem to others.. I'm better keep in myself.. when I got a problem what I did is between two; solve it or keep it..

But I rather choose to keep it.. (its simply means I have no solution with that problem)

it's quite hard (and hurt) to be alone.. But I always say to myself.. 'you have Allah, so do tell Him'..saying a lot is easy, when it come to be done is hard!

I remembered one story that have been told me;

"On the Solomon Island, when the tribes need to clear the jungle to make way for fields, they don't cut down the trees. They simply gather and collect around it, and hurl abuses at the trees, they curse it. Slowly but surely, after some days, the trees begin to wither. It dies on its own."

you don't need a gun, a bomb, a weapon to kill somebody.. because it's quite enough with some harsh words you say frequently (daily) to them and that would make them die silently in inside (to outside)..

that's what has happened to me now.. maybe with this story you can learn something.. so, do please keep your mouth, your words..


and for those who have same problem as me... DO SHARE! don't keep it! you may die silently.. I'll be the one who willingly hear your heart.. your problem.. your voice..

if you don't want others know.. you can email me.. there's only me and you..insyaAllah.. I'll try my best to help you.. (

Thursday, March 14, 2013

result SPM.


hye dude! Assalamualaikum.. Peace be upon you!

hopefully, you all semua nie sihat2 belaka.. I tak ada benda  nak cakap pun, just nak drop by here and ask you to wish me luck..doakan saya..doakan saya..doakan saya..

maybe Allah will listen your du'a and then grants it..maybe..

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Segmen UPkan Follower by Arkitek Hati


It's me again!

Kalau dah asyik join segmen, teringin pulak nak buat segmen..ahaha!

It's super simple!

imageFollow blog Arkitek Hati dan sponcer Kak Husna
 Like Fanpage Arkitek Hati

Buat satu entri bertajuk "Segmen UPkan Follower by Arkitek Hati"
 Tampal Banner di atas dan backlink ke entri ni
Bagi satu quotation / sentence / ayat keramat / cogan kata yang korang suka giler
 Kopi pastakan link entri anda di kotak komen entri ini (tempat lain tak layan)
 Blogwalking dan follow peserta lain.
(no excuse! korang nak up kan follower, kan? so, bantu orang lain juga laa..what you give, inshaAllah you get back!)



Tempat PERTAMA: 
SATU Blog pemenang akan duduk dalam "Ruang sewaan di blog Arkitek Hati" selamat DUA bulan. Blog pemenang akan sentiasa direview. (Probability untuk menang adalah terbuka luas bagi mereka yang ada banner blog sendiri)

Tempat KEDUA:
SATU Blog pemenang akan duduk dalam "Ruang sewaan di blog Arkitek Hati" selamat SATU bulan. Blog pemenang akan sentiasa direview. 

Tempat KETIGA:
5 Blog pemenang akan berada di bloglist sponser Kak Husna selama sebulan.. (Probability untuk menang adalah dengan men'follow' Kak Husna)

disamping mengUPkan follower, ada hadiah menanti anda disini..

Cara pemenang dipilih:
adalah secara random, entri terbaik, paling rajin blogwalking, paling memikat hati (??)

tarikh tamat 30 Mac 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013



I have been blogging almost 2 years (not yet 2..but almost)..and for those who has followed my blog since I was nothing until now (here I am)..I just wanna say..I really APPRECIATE your presence in my life..

every comment I took as a lesson.. every condemn I took as reflection..I ain't perfect, but I'm still learning to improve all my lacks.. *believe me*

*cakap melayu laa*

kalau korang pernah baca tujuan utama blog ini ditubuhkan, korang mungkin akan 'perasan' sedikit perubahan pada cara aku menyampaikan sesuatu..

lebih matang?

semakin kurang ajaq?

sudah pandai berpolitik?

lebih menonjol sifat kewanitaan?

bla bla bla..

you can judge it by yourself.. (but don't tell meeee) eh! tercakap Omputih..malas nak tekan 'Back Space'..

and I did a lot of improvement in my English!! yeahhh!! well done!! 
*insert a big applause*

seriously, aku pernah kena kutuk, maki dan macam2 lagi.. tapi aku selalu think positive.. (and that's the one reason why I filtered all the comment) aku tak nak buat musuh dengan sesiapa pun..lebih2 lagi, I don't even know who are, I leave it!!

as I said on the previous post
"I'm not worry if I doesn't have a thousand followers, but I'm worry if I couldn't be nice even for one."

it's right, isn't it? 

tak guna ada berlambak followers, andai kita tak mampu berbuat baik kepada mereka..(aku tak bermaksud orang yang ada ramai followers tu tak guna..itu ajaran sosat)

I know you could understand it well..

hermmm...I just want to drop 'some' of my older posts so that you could see plus understand what am I talking about..

so, here I called "The Journey of Improvement"
*warning, don't you try to 'boooo' me okey? I already know my english was 'full of literature'..ahahaha*

and, that's enough.....enough,kan? writing was quite mess up..aku tak sanggup nak bagi lebih2 takut korang termuntah-muntah membacanya..ahahaha...parah wehh..

first year aku tubuhkan blog, I used to talk to my baby bloggie..I didn't provide a follower widget and a comment box on my blog..but, then bila somebody asked me to do so, dan dia kat blog awak nie 'cool' sejak tu aku baru "upgrade"kan blog aku..

*a big applause again*

dan akhirnya, aku lebih bercakap dengan korang rather than bercakap sorang2..hehehehe..

okey, that's all from me..I hope you all enjoy the way, before I end it up.. I just wanna say, I really appreciate whoever has come to my blog or willingly drop some comments..

Thank you so much Amigos!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Segmen Follow & Blogwalking #2 Oleh



yang baru berhajat nak sign out tu, sila tunggu sebentar!!!! *bajet warden PLKN jap*

chek nak join segmen kak Mia, ni! tadi dah perasan kak Mia hupdate pasal segmen nie..tapi baca sambil lalu jer..kononnya, malas nak join laa..

pastu, tengok kat 'timeline' blog (orang panggil timeline ke?)..ALL BLOGS tu ramai yang join..jadi saya rasa, I'm soooo mesra alam *sarcasm* Senior2 blogger buat segmen, boleh pulak buat derk!!

(sebagai hukuman sila lari keliling stadium bukit jalil)

penat mak noks!!

so, I wanna be a supportive blogger..dengan ini, saya men'support' segmen kak Mia 1010 peratus.. yeah!!! *claps*

(homaigord, My Mother Tongue!)

I'm not worry if I doesn't have a thousand followers, but I'm worry if I couldm't be nice even for one..

and, here I am!

read carefully all the instructions!


Segmen ini dibuat bagi memudahkan Mia Liana untuk follow dan blogwalking semua blog peserta segmen ini. Secara tidak langsung ianya memberi ruang dan peluang kepada blogger lain untuk turut follow, blogwalking dan berkenalan antara satu sama lain dengan lebih mesra.

Segmen ini bermula dari 7.00 pagi 9 Mac 2013 sehingga 11.59 malam 20 Mac 2013. Mia Liana berharap agar segmen ini mendapat sambutan dan semua blogger dijemput join.

Hanya 4 langkah mudah diperlukan :

  1. Follow blog, Add To Circle Google+ Mia Liana dan Like Fanpage
  2. Buat entri bertajuk Segmen Follow & Blogwalking #2 Oleh 
  3. Copy coding yang telah disediakan dan paste kan ke dalam ruangan HTML dan Publish entri.
  4. Tinggalkan URL entri anda ke dalam ruangan komen entri ini

Pemilihan pemenang :

  1. 10 blog akan dipilih melalui 
  2. Pemenang dikehendaki memberikan satu URL entri terbaik dari blog mereka untuk di review di
  3. URL entri terbaik hendaklah ditinggalkan di ruangan komen entri pengumuman pemenang nanti. 

tunggu apa lagi... sila klik banner di atas untuk join....

Entri lalu: 

Now, we're best friend!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Now, we're best friend!




chek nak habaq nie.. sekarang nie aku dah berbaik semula dengan telepon bimbit ..huhuhu..happy, tak?


apa yang aku ceghita nie..nak tahu?? cer baca kat sini  > masalah aku dan telefon bimbit

oleh itu,
meh aku perkenalkan kekasih baru aku..servise kepunyaan hak milik telah bertukar..

handphone mak aku sebenarnya..and I as her daughter..aku berhak untuk memilikinya *sarcasm*

alhamdulillah!!.. sejak dua tiga menjak nie kami menjadi sangat akrab.. ibarat kuku dan cutex.. hubungan kami amat dicemburui oleh telefon2 aku yang lain.. kami sangat bahagia bersama..

walaubagaimana pun aku tidak pernah melupakan jasa dan kenangan aku dengan telefon yang pernah aku bersama sebelum ini..

so let me introduce to you.....

My first BFF.. I bought 'her' by using my duit raya.. seriously, I beli guna duit singgit2 tau..hahaha.. I was in standard six..apa nak malukan..yea dok?.. and I'm really proud of her.. I had been using her for quite a long time.. but when she broke, my heart was fading away to have one again.. *serious!*

WHY it is 'SHE', because it's pinky!!

but, after dad gave me an Iphone..I'm not sure whether 'HE' is ori or not..but, what am I confirmed, he was given by my parents as a gift.. whoever he is, I love him so much! I tell you, I broke him..then, when my mom got to know..seriously, I was dead!!!! she lectured me why I was soooo careless...hahahaha..
you can see from the picture below.. there have some cracks on the screen..

okey, till then..I hope you like it..

p/s: ppsstt...rasa macam nak beli handphone baru pula.. *bisik* jangan cakap kuat2 nnti handphone I yang sekarang nie akan mengajuk..huhuhu

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Job Di Rumah boleh percaya?


Siapa yang dah tahu pasal JOBDIRUMAH sila angkat tangan tinggi2..

pada mulanya aku tak percaya juga..tapi aku tidak akan tahu, kalau aku tidak cuba.. JADI sebagai langkah pertama aku mula buat research kat Internet.. boleh kata sebilangan yang besar, mengakui kejujuran jobdirumah nie.. lantas, tanpa membuang masa aku pun join menjadi agen diaorang..

Gaji Sehingga RM1300 - RM3400 Sebulan
Syarat Kelayakan:
- Asas komputer & internet
- Microsoft Office (Words & Excel)
- Boleh menulis, membaca & faham B.Inggeris
- Komputer/Laptop
- Akses ke talian internet
- 18 tahun keatas
- Boleh bekerja tanpa pengawasan
Maklumat lanjut layari:

senang cerita, nak dapat income lebih korang kenalah usaha lebih..mana ada kejayaan datang bergolek, kan? so bagi yang berminat untuk jadi agen, atau nak lebih UP lagi, tolong syarikat besar buatkan data dan etc.. moh singgah ke web jobdirumah..


Mesti korang tertanya atau rasa ragu, kata dapat income tapi kenapa kena bayar RM50? Its simply means kalau korang nak apply kerja kat mana2.. Korang mesti kena keluarkan duit, kan? ianya sebagai cost nak pergi ke tempat interview.. lain lah kalau korang sanggup berjalan kaki dari rumah ke tempat interview.. nak lagi kalau rumah korang kat johor, tempat interview kat KL..*Semput Mak Noks!!

Dah letih jalan kaki, mesti rasa haus..lebih2 lagi nampak ada orang jual ABC kat tepi jalan.. mahu tak terliyiuq.. pastu terpaksa keluarkan duit sebab nak beli ABC..

You see!!! everything in this world needs money!!

so, aku just bagi jalan.. other than that, is up to you! tiada paksaan..

belum cuba belum tahukan??..

By the way, bagi yang tidak berkemampuan untuk mengeluarkan 50 hengget.. tidak mengapa!!

anda masih ada perluang untuk menjana duit.. cara2nya..

  1. pergi ke JOBDIRUMAH
  2. Klik Affiliate (agen) dibahagian header
  3. Pastu ikut step yang mereka minta
  4. apa yang perlu korang buat adalah sebarkan link korang tu kepada semua orang. tidak kisah memalui apa FB ke, Twiter ke, suka hati korang laa..
tapi jujur aku kata, every work has its own challenge..kalau korang kena maki ke, perli ke..di label spammer ker...korang kena sabar dan tenang..adat dunia perniagaan.. kita nak buat promosi, tapi tidak semua yang bersenang hati..kannnnnnn


okey, that'a all from me..kalau ada sebarang masalah..boleh beritahu aku...

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

the biggest dream


assalamualaikum, amigo!

I got a very soft-heart.. I donno why every time I heard my friends (or somebody I know) will study abroad, my tear will trickle down on my cheek unconsiously..

but what I assure, I really have a big dream in my life..the biggest one.. maybe its just a dream..but who knows my dream will come true..



I'll be one of them..


and I'll work for that.. insyaAllah..

do pray for me!

thank you amigo! XOXO

Monday, March 04, 2013

spaghetti joke or what?


declaring my self had resigned, is just a stupid work in the most stupid thing..I guess.. but yeah, it's me now.. don't get me feel I was a loser!
-sound serious-

lack of idea..

Could I make a video?

malaysian need something!

just the way I need them..urmmmmmm

aha! I got a question for you guys..

my younger sister asked me:
"aku ada tekaq-teki untuk ko, kenapa kuah spahgetti lebih sedap dicampur dengan daging (lembu) cincang berbanding daging (ayam) cincang??"
*serious face*

me: ???????? =,="
me: why???

she: "its because I love lamb meat!"

I thought, she wanna give me some facts about spaghetti sause..
definitely, I was lied by a little girl!
poor me!