Just BE yourSELF ;-)

June 27, 2012


Assalamualaikum...x jawab dosa..klau jawab SAYANG :-)


I just want to tell myself *especiallynye laa "please, be myself"
I am ME..yeaa..
I am Me..

sumtime i couldn't understand why WE (me) must be someone else only for get some attention..
you know what I mean?

yar, I admit that ALL teenager out there even me want some attention from someone else...maybe our parents's attention, teachers, friends, someone we love, or societies...no matter what kind of attention, teenager really like it, don't you?...

but, nah, something we have missed from our heart..something that extremely important to our live..something that had brought us to this kind of world...

YES, that's Allah's love...Could you see anything that's important more than Him?
He gives us life..He gives us food..He gives us healthy..He gives us home..He gives EVERYTHING we need..LOVE + MEMORY + GUIDANCE..All sort of facility...

BUT WHY we've not even been thankful with His Kindness, Merciful...

take time and think about it....


just take a paper and jot down all the thing he didn't gives you yet...then, you write everything he've given you since you came to this beautiful world...last, compare it...I'm sure you'll never count how much it is...

When you are at the top, don't forget someone on the bottom so that you could be more thankful to Allah cause gives you such a beautiful life~~

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