Like My Brother

May 01, 2012

Bismillahirahmanirahim...alhamdhulillah..after lunch dengan family kt Restoran Saba-nasi Arab..pergh! Tak pernah makan sbanyak ini...urm, mungkin sbahagian dari mkanan tu ada hak org lain,anak yatim..nauzubillah..manusia selalu lupa...ya Allah terima kasih atas kurniaan mu dan kasih sayang mu yg sentiasa merapat hubungan kami sekeluarga...Order- CHICKEN MANDI & MANGO JUICE..slurrrppp..kenyang untuk malam sekali................actually I have wonderful story, the touching one..I love being in my family, as a child of my parent, little sister for my brothers and sister..they love me for who I am..they protecting me, taking care me, rising me up, supporting me in every single moment...Angah is my brother whom I quite closer..sumtime he tricks me like I am his elder sister but sumtime like his little sister.. he always teaches me from wrong to right..and remind me to take care myself..he also covering me from any kind of dangerous..he wants me to be better than long as I could remember, he had scold me when I went out from our house without veil..from that..I know he really loves me as his life....I LOVE YOU, MY GENTLE BROTHER

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