Back To Reality

April 22, 2012

Bismillahirahmanirahim.. It has been for long time I didn't write anything here.. Swear! I miss you baby bloggie.. Urm, i'm not disappeared..just take time for nap and rest.. Acctually i have something, that i really wanna share with u.. Gaint secret!! I didnt know with who i want to share..just for this time I could remember u.. I have Allah..yes, He always beside me when I asked Him for it..but for this case, i need to push out all the feeling, thinking and wondering away from my here.. U know the person whom I had loved him once upon time ago.. He come back to my life.. I dun know how I should face that situation..I pretended like nothing happend..but, I cant..the feeling is deadly strong!! It's make me down.. I try to stand back but the burden always keeping me down and down..BUT I surely enough, Allah wouldnt let His servent down and sad for long time..I keep saying in my heart: Even though YOU always make me CRY, it doesn't mean I can't survive KEEP STRONG AINI!!!!!

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