January 29, 2012

I was happy when i got to know he's single.. I really thought he's different , even though he's non-muslim.. But one day, I found one video that absolutely crush my heart.. At first, i thought it's only a gossip.. I tried to find the truth.. then, I found one sucking article..I'm really shocked, upset and felt digusting... it's out of my mind.. how can a man fall in love with a man.. Men are created for women and women are created for men.. He's a gay.. and he proud to be himself.. I feel sory for him.. he's not in right way..I want he become a normal guy..But I can do nothing...He's enough growth up.. he can think properly.. Life is not for enjoying everyday.. I had tried to communicate with him..But i didn't get any response from him..i had tried my best..I don't want to give up but i have to.. I waste my time a lot..I have to stop it now..New information i got, he had engaged in 2010 and split up last year..what the reason, i don't know..i just hope, Allah will give His NUR to him.. who know maybe one day his heart will open and can accecpt Islam as his religous..then, whole his life will change and become a role model to anyone else..this my hope and it's the biggest hope...-this hope I dedicate to someone who's name Markus-

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