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Subject Tambahan

Assalam.. bloggie, yesterday I asked PN Faridah *my physics and class teacher about addition subject that I want to take..She had suggested me not to add any new subject..coz, It's doesn't important for my future..actually,i wanna plus two subject yet..tasawur and syariah islamiah..then,teacher asked me, did I want to be USTAZAH?..I have no idea..I just said that I want to go to Mesir..then, teacher replied "U think student who didn't took any agama subject can't go to mesir?"..I shut..then teacher said, if u're really interest in agama subject and want to go mesir, u can take agama subject on MATRIKULASI..there u'll learn all agama subject did you like...for now, I think it's no need for u..U must stabilize all ur subject first and work hard to get A+..then, the Mesir will come to you....-thanks teacher for your advise-


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