Saturday, October 21, 2017

Comfort zone

I always have my own comfort zone. Even I try to deny it, but I still have to admit. I have my own comfort zone. And up until now, I still don’t go beyond my comforting zone.

Okey, what is actually comfort zone? 

My definition of comfort zone is a situation or job or task or goal which I can do much better about it but I don’t, due to I don’t want taking risk or getting involve with any problem or I avoid my heart from getting hurt. 

Comfort zone is a barrier between safe life and challenging life. Safe life is something like spoon feeding life where you rely on someone or something to push you out while challenging life is something like being totally independent.

I always thought I can do a lot of things, but thought is just being a thought. No action. For example, I’d planned to do vlogging thingy but up until today, no progression. I’d planned to write and post new entry everyday but I don’t take it seriously.

Comfort zone is an attitude of taking things for granted, waiting opportunity to come and always saying ‘maybe next time’.

Comfort zone is a fear. A fear that lives in our body. A fear that eats our soul. A fear that kills our dream. A fear that draws us back and let us live in humanless body.

I am worried of myself. I am living in my comforting zone. I have no idea. Hmm. I am clueless.

How to get out of here?

Guid me..


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nak naik kete-tapi versi 2017

I still remember the last time I wrote about my cousins insisted to ride a train, it was five years back. And I can deny, last Sunday was like a dejavu to me. You can read the story of 5 years back [here]

Ya rabbi, I miss this moment. 

5 years ago was like yesterday. They've grown up. I am too. Sobs sobs. The story goes, I planned to go to Lowyat on Sunday and my little cousin overnight at my house. Because of one of them, having one year added in his age, we planned to celebrate his birthday by taking him jalan-jalan. I take them riding MRT for the first time.

They were astonished. They were excited. I can see from their face.

MasyaAllah. I said to them, this is how we live. See the world! Look! The sky is blue and it is so big. Look! The birds are flying freely. You know to whom they belong?


Huhuhu. Bringing them jalan-jalan was a big lesson for me. Teaching and growing the young generation are not easy nowadays. Too much external challenges. Seeing them exploring the world gave a new spirit, I must hold on to whatever come to my life. Because I have God to be served, I have young generation to inspire. Hmm...

Birthday boy with peace sign. Hope you're growing up well. May Allah guide and protect you always. Be a good slave, a good son and a good caliph. Amin. 

Be a good brother too. Hopefully, you will read this post one-day and thanked me because I keep your childhood memories here. Hehehe.

Kakak AH

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sambal Rendang and Sambal Goreng

Having a Javanese blood running in my vein doesn't allow me not to learn and master in few 'wajib' recipes, or I am not gonna been acknowledged as part of Javanese's decedent. Seriously!

No, I'm just kidding😝

Before the midsem break, I made a promise to myself I would learn few new recipes from my mom so that if one day I were away from my mom and my throat insists to eat malay food, I don't have to worry to calling mom all the way from oversea to Malaysia just to get the recipes and ya Alhamdulillah. I have learned two recipes. Sambal Rendang and Sambal Goreng.

Sambal Rendang


-Bawang besar
-Bawang putih
-Cili kisar

-masukkan ayam, santan dan bahan kisaran dalam periuk
-masuk air untuk empukkan air
-rebus semua bahan, tambah asam keping, gula melaka dan garam
-masukkan, daun limau purut, ayam dah empuk, siap!

Unfortunately, I had deleted my pictures on my phone TT

Sambal Goreng

-Sayur kacang [diracik]
-Tempe [digoreng]
-Kentang [digoreng]
-mee suhun [direndam]

Tumbuk dalam lesung
-bawang besar
-bawang putih
-ikan bilis
-cili padi

-tumis bahan tumbuk
-masukkan sayur kacang, tempe dan kentang
-kalau nak gelap, boh kicap
-kalau nak lemak, boh santan
-kalau nak biashe-biashe, tak perlu boh kicap atau santan
-masukkan su hun
-semua dah sebati, siap!

I am leaving the recipes here so that I can refer back. I am worried if I blindly remove my folder if I keep in my phone, just like I'm done to this recipe's pictures.

Image result for sambal goreng jawa
Sambal Goreng, this is how it supposed to look like.

But, Sambal Rendang is our family's tradition food. It's different from other rendang out there. No minyak or goreng-goreng. If I cook again, I will share the pictures.


Monday, October 16, 2017

EOS M10 my new buddy

Photography is therapeutic for me. I love capture moment and beautiful scenery. But I never thought of having my personal camera. I don’t really like bring heavy and bulky stuff here and there. I am a bit clumsy, I hate losing my stuff. This is the reason I don’t ever think to have my own camera except the camera I already have on my phone. I prefer something simple and small which I can put easily inside my handbag.

But, recently I made a big decision to have my own camera because of early this year I just know about mirrorless camera. To me, mirrorless camera is kind of mini dslr which is compact but the lens can be changeable, not so bulky and light. I survey and study about mirrorless camera and just recently I decided to buy one for me.😁

Introduce to you my buddy.

Canon EOS M10

Now capturing moments is so much easy for me. It has touch-screen system, the screen can be flip so that I can easily taking selfie, the lens can be changeable, it also has wifi so I can effortlessly transferring my picture and video to my phone, it has the same feature like gopro too, controlling using phone and wide angle feature. And the lens is manually control, like dslr. Fuhh. Sounds great ay? ❤️

I still learn to get used with it. I can’t wait to travel with this new buddy and share with you guys all of my pictures. Hehehe.


Footnote: Just wondered did any of you uses the same camera like mine? Do you mind to share your experience or tips?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Designing a traffic light, again?

Studying electrical-electronic engineering, you cannot run from learning and designing traffic light system. Every year, I will face almost the same project but a lil bit advance as the year increases. Usually, the difference is regarding the system itself.

As for this semester, my capstone project, we had to propose the idea about intelligence traffic light. Oh by the way, if you may want to ask (i hope you ask laa 😝), what it is capstone project. So let me briefly explain, capstone project is a project where you need to produce end-product from audience’s needs, so you have to do survey, interview people, then find the problem. So from the problem you come out with conceptual prototype. From conceptual prototype you will present, be judged and you have to fight on behalf of your product in front of panels and students. So you have to convince them, what is the uniqueness of your product and why your product should be choosen by audience. After that process, you have to come out with the actual end product with some improvement. Fuh. Not so brief ney? 😅

Back to our project, this morning me and my team already presented our conceptual product in front of panels and students. Lets don’t talk about how nervous I was in this morning because every time I have presentation either solo or in group, I would feel, there are thousands of butterflies flying in my stomuch. Huh. Still cannot overcomes this anxiety problem yet 😖

Our intelligence traffic light is something that can help emergency vehicle like ambulance, bomba and police whenever they got stuck on traffic light jam, which makes difficulty for them to pass the road when there are cars blocked their vehicle. So here our solution, we want to design traffic light system that give priority to all emergency vehicles when they want to pass the traffic light road.

But the big question is, How to make its happen? Hmm. We are still on research and discussion.

However, half battle was done. So another half is waiting us ahead. Now our progression is toward the actual end product, the implementation part.. To build an embedded system to be installed in the traffic light is definitely another level of story. Wuargh 😭

Pray for me yea!