Monday, September 25, 2017


Bukan baru semalam sudah bersua muka? Mengapa hari ini terasa rindu yang sangat membungkam? Haish. 

Tanya sama awan, awan meredupkan wajah.
Tanya sama langit, langit menjurai air mata.
Tanya sama hati, kentalkah kau dinihari?

Nak balik rumah!!! Cepatlah midsem break. Huhuhu.

Semoga Allah jaga kalian dimana kalian berada.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Airasia gave me free customade photobook

Early august, I got an email from airasia. They suprised me with super early wish for my birthday with the present too. Waahh. So niceeee.

Those who asked me who is the first one wish my birthday, I would declare- airasia. Now, you are my boyfriend. Hahaha.

Basically, I got three options for my birthday gift.

I can only choose one. So, I choose photobook. Because the deadline is pretty late, so I don’t need to rush making decision and choosing nice photo.

Yea, its took me quite a long time to customise my pictures. So, i just manage finish it just now and place my order. Now, I just wait my gift to be seding to my house. I can’t wait. I feel impatient. Hehehe.

So, thank you airasia for the gift!

I will update when the photobook arrive at my house, okey?


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What Surah Yusuf told me about

I'm having difficulty to update new post because my hormones are still not stable and I am still trying to adapt with this new atmosphere. It seemed pretty struggling. I have a lot of stories to share but I really cannot find perfect timing to write about it.

Some of my schedules are quite packed. I have class from 9.00am to 10.00pm and I definitely would feel exhausted at the end of the day. Huh. Please pray for me ya!

InsyaAllah. I think I want to share something I just read. I found it quite refreshing especially for this moment of mine. (I need all those refreshing reminder TT) It was about Surah Yusuf (chapter 12 in al-quran). I read from Khawatir Quraniyah by Ustaz Amru Khalid.

Basically, in al-Quran, Surah Yusuf has told us about a timeline of Nabi yusuf's life journey, from the very beginning when he was a kid until he became the minister of Egypt. This surah, is the only surah  that telling us a life journey of prophet. Almost complete and particular. And the prophet was Nabi Yusuf. Not any other prophet. So the question is why, he is the chosen one and what is actually Allah wants to tell us?

From this book (refer to Khawatir Quraniyah), it described that Surah Yusuf wasn't telling us about his prophecy but his life as a mankind, human being. Surah Yusuf is actually something Allah wanted to highlight life is never be perfect. It will has flaws, troubles, tests after tests and all. It happened to all people, include all the prophets themselves.

Surah Yusuf told us, life is all about tests, either it is good or not good. If it is good, its tests how we could be humble to the one who gives the goodness and be thankful. If it is not good, its tests how we be able to be patient, keep positive to what He plans for us and probably work even harder.

Furthermore, one thing I found refreshing in this surah is, the fact of Allah sees us not like what human see toward us. Because only Allah can analyze and know what is in our heart. People only see the outside appearance which everybody can sometime fake it. But, not for Allah. Allah sees every tiny layer in our heart and he knows what is the best test for us to endure so that we can be a better person in future.

Always always always remember, tests are not given in our life to make ourselves worse or be in bad condition. Definitely not. Tests are something like wire brush used to remove stains in our heart. It's going hurt in some other way, but for sure your heart will keep clean and healthy during the cleaning state.

Because at last, we want to meet our Lord with clean and beautiful heart.

This surah is not only applicable for ourselves, not only for our practicing in daily life but also to understand other's people life too. If we know some tests are not easy for us, so other people too. We are designed differently in unique ways. If you have ups and downs life, so other people too. Never never never ever judge other's people life, if we don't even have any idea what kind of life they have been through.

You cannot judge, but what you can do is, give helpful advise is needed (if you're able to) but if you can't do, praying is more than enough. Don't talk behind. Don't assuming. DON'T!

Keep improving ourselves and keep doing self betterment. Focus on your lacking and give positive vibes to other. That is how we want to help others people. Islam is beautiful, so are Muslim. If we're still not beautiful, then we need to learn Islam better.

Inch by Inch

Bukit Panorama, Pahang  03042016


Thursday, September 14, 2017

AH turns to 22

It was suprising when my friends secretly planned to celebrate my birthday last night. 

Honestly, I'd never thought they had planned all these things. Because, usually I always celebrated my birthday at home with my family. But this year is a bit different. So, I don't have any expectation. AT ALL. 

Yesterday, I was a bit busy. Running here and there. Meeting with faculty dean. Meeting with my fyp supervisor. Classes and late night class. Touching up my final intership report. So yeah. I was quite tired and less energized.

I had late night class for digital system. I left my room a bit earlier because I wanted to binding my intership report and logbook before heading to my class. So, I basically didn't have any expection about their planning. And they were very good at acting because I didn't suspected anything. 

I went back from my class, as I was in front of my room's door, I tried to open my door but its locked and my room sound quiet like my roomate already fell asleep. Then somebody unlocked the door. I still didn't suspect anything. As I came in, I was mesmerised. The room was dark. But suddenly, I heard birthday song was sung. And I saw some figures inside my room. Then the light is on. Tadaaaa.

I can't stop smiling and I can't stop feeling blessed. I was about to cry because what they had done is priceless gifts for me. I am grateful to be overwhelmed by their loves and cares. They are amazing souls. They are the people who worth to keep and to love.

From the very beginning I was in this uni life up until now, they're always be by my side. They are always here to support me, to be with me through thicks and thins, ups and downs and all the roller coster moments. They are always here. They never left me.

After I blew the candles and cut the cake, we ate food and we did one girly activity. Hahaha. We make-up each other with our limited collection make-up stuffs. Bahaha. Its so fun. I never did this activity before. Well, being engineering student, we don't really bother how we looks like. So make-up is totally out of our capabilities and needs. But, please don't assume that we don't know how to wear make-up. Make-up is nature of ladies, even we don't use it, we can do make-up pretty well.

Then we took photos and chilling and teasing everybody how we looked like.  Last night I had so much fun. Alhamdulillah. I am glad, Allah sent them to be a part of my journey.

I coundn't be prouder to have them in my life. Honestly, they are one of the reason I want to fight again in my study. I want to convo together with them. I want to be in the same row with them during graduation ceremony. I know, it might be tough journey but if I don't try, I never know where and what is my limit. I believe as long as they are with me, everything will be just fine, fun and fascinating journey. 

May Allah help me and guide me through. Strengthen me and brighten up my final year journey. I want to fight not because I am strong. But, I will fight because I have the one who The Most Strongest. 

May Allah help me and my dear friends to complete this journey successfully.

To my dear friends, the one who master mind this celebration, the one who wish and pray for me, the one who remember this date.

Thank you very much for your wishes. I couldn't be prouder to have you guys in my life. May Allah grants every little dua and wish you made for me and I hope, all your dua and wish shall be returned to you as well and hopefully in multiple rewards. Love you guys soooo much.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Adapt to new semester

This week is the first week of new semester as final year student. I have been quite busy for this few days. Arranging my schedule, adapting with new surrounding (well being a super senior for undergraduate student is quite challenging though), running here and there to complete so many things especially this week I have to submit all my report, forms and logbook for my industrial training. Attending class and meeting for my projects. Fuhh.

*Take a deeeeep breath*

Two big projects so far have been assigned; CAPSTONE and FYP

Extra credits were added in my course. This semester I'm gonna take 6 credits extra from other student because I want regrading my previous grade. I was very nervous and afraid to face all these things but who's gonna do for me except me?

Please pray for me for this new journey. I want to graduate on time. InsyaAllah. I want to finish all these things with passion and ambition.

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